2006 ongoing industry features and designer & artist interviews

The following industry features are part of the ongoing feature pages on 6moons.com.

They converse with noted designers, musicians or other personages in the wider audio industry whose experience, research or inventions might be of interest to the audio hobbyist.

The choices (of who to interview when) are a function of the writer's personal curiosity and familiarity as well as matters of timing and availability. After all, most folks making a living in this cottage industry called High-End audio are busy enough with their own day-to-day responsibilities to make taking a few hours out to answer questions over the phone an often less than appealing proposition. In certain other cases, the simple matter of language and who to turn to for translation becomes a challenge that can't always be successfully overcome. However, with the passage of time, it is hoped that dialogues with European and Asian designers via e-mail exchanges will become part of this column.

December 2006
Passion, a memorable life & Terry Cain
European Triode Festival 2006
On Assignment - Warwick Freemantle visits Melody
November 2006
Rethm's advanced and revised lineup - Lowthers with bass
Audio Shows 2006 - Warsaw
Audio Shows 2006 - Vienna
Audio Shows 2006 - Denver - Part 2
Audio Shows 2006 - Denver - Part 1
Audio Shows 2006 - Paris
Audio Shows 2006 - Brussels
October 2006
RMAF 06 - A Different Perspective - Meeting Matt one year later
Anthony's Dream
RMAF 06 - A Different Perspective
The fifth wave
September 2006
A Life in Short Stories - the Audio Chapter 4
Class D's untapped permutations
August 2006
New Wines from Down Under
Confusion in the galaxy
Curiosity & Tolerance: Orion and Pluto
State of the (non) union - 08/06
Hong Kong Show 2006
Further reflections on the Supratek Cabernet Dual
July 2006
The absolute sound - in Savonlinna's Olofsborg castle
Grey Marketeers - Again...
A Life in Short Stories - the Audio Chapter 3
June 2006
Of happy EU legislature
Fine Art & HiFi: Chasing the connection
Dynamic range
Cave men and 21st century heroines: Gabi van der Kley of Crystal Cable
A Life in Short Stories - the Audio Chapter 2
What happened? The Zu Rave at HE2006
Munich 2006
Water & waves
May 2006
A Life in Short Stories - the Audio Chapter 1
Of memories and originals
Decor & Sound
Steve Marsh covers the VTV Expo in NYC
The Class of 2006
Audiophile Fratricide?
April 2006
Esoteric's new lineup
Pandering vs. catering (to perception)
Nori Komuro
Living Voice/Definitive Audio, Nottingham
Montreal 2006: Festival Son & Image
The Edwardian Revelation
March 2006
From Russia with Love
Grand Prix Audio's ingenious new Monaco turntable
Stereo Is Enough: 2.0 Home Theater
Rethmic Living
Zu Tour
Bench pressing the test bench
Red Tape
Music Reference 245.1
Headroom - how much power is required?
Right? Wrong!
February 2006
AERO - Linaeum reborn?
Marc Philip Design
From Cyber to Cyprus in 33 Hours
The case of pARTicular
Gill Audio goes chip amp
January 2006
Kismetic Connections? Perhaps.
2006 National HeadFi Meet
Passives, equations and a state of benign confusion
Art Audio's new Vivo
Opera Audio's Forbidden City
Thiel's new CS3.7
Johnny B. Goode meets Eddie Current
Audiopax goes transistors
Grand Prix Audio goes vinyl
Zanden goes passive