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Srajan Ebaen
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27" iMac with 3.4GHz quad-core Intel Core i7, 16GB 1.333MHz RAM, 2TB hard disc, 256GB SSD drive, ADM Radeon HD 6970M with 2GB of GDDR5 memory, PureMusic 1.86 in hybrid memory play with pre-allocated RAM and AIFF files up to 24/192; Audirvana 1.35; April Music Eximus DP1, Esoteric/APL Hifi UX1/NWO-M
Preamp/Integrated: ModWright LS-100 with Synergy Hifi tubes, Esoteric C-03, Bent Audio Tap-X, NuForce DDA-100 [on review]
: First Watt SIT-1, ModWright KWA 100SE
Speakers: Amphion Helium 410, 510 and Impact 400; Track Audio Precision 600 stands; Mass Fidelity Model 1 [on review]
Cables: Complete loom of Zu Audio Event,
KingRex twin USB cable with UPower battery supply

Stands: 2 x ASI HeartSong 3-tier, 2 x ASI HeartSong amp stand
Powerline conditioning: 1 x GigaWatt PF2, 1 x Furutech RTP-6
Sundry accessories: Extensive use of Acoustic System Resonators, noise filters and phase inverters
esktop system: 160GB iPod Classic with AIFF files; Cambridge Audio iD100; Wyred4Sound mINT; EBTB Terra III; Ardán Audio elevation pro stand; Amphion Impact 400 subwoofer; Zu Audio Event cabling; Audez'e LCD-2 headphones
Room size: 5m x 11.5m W x D, 2.6m ceiling with exposed wooden cross beams every 60cm, plaster over brick walls, suspended wood floor with Tatami-type throw rugs. The listening space opens into the second storey via a staircase and the kitchen/dining room are behind the main listening chair. The latter is thus positioned in the middle of this open floor plan without the usual nearby back wall.
Review Component Retail: €999/pr

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Anssi Hyvonen of Amphion. "Ion+ represents what we believe the future will look like. It is suitable for conventional systems, the desktop and demanding recording studios. Ion+ digs deep into the heart of the music regardless of whether you are critically mixing or fine-tuning music in the studio or leisurely enjoying it at home. 

"Ion+ started life as a microphone sample evaluation kit. It's also what our microphone partner Martin Kantola of  Nordic Audio Labs used to play his recording samples during a master course at Bruce Swedien's place where all of these heavyweights of the recording industry gather. You see, Martin makes Bruce's favorite mic. Start this video at 27:27. You'll see that it's not just about a professional relationship between these two. It's something much much deeper.  Bruce truly loves music. His knowledge and legacy must be passed on into caring hands since nobody lives forever.

"For those less familiar with the professional world, Bruce Swedien is the world's most respected recording engineer who for example recorded the best-selling album of all times, Michael Jackson's Thriller.

Bernie Grundmann at Bruce Swedien's home/studio in Ocala, Fl. with Ion+ on cinder blocks.

"Chances are Swedien recorded some of your favorite music if that happens to include artists like Count Basie, Mick Jagger, Duke Ellington, Paul McCartney, Dizzy Gillespie, Patti Austin, Quincy Jones, Diana Ross, Oscar Peterson, Chaka Khan, Herbie Hancock, Natalie Cole, Roberta Flack, Barbra Streisand , Sarah Vaughan and Donna Summer.

"Anyway, after this event we were suddenly faced with many top people from the recording industry having heard our little speaker and wanting to buy it. So we went into production.

"When evaluating Ion+, try different signal chains and music types. Despite very high resolution and ruler-flat response it does not sound irritating or aggressive like many overly neutral speakers tend to sound; not even when the signal chain or recording quality are less than perfect."

Amphion at Bernie Grundmann's studio