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Packed in a nice but not exuberant wooden box the cable looks fairly plain. A greyish—officially white—open woven PET braid offers a glimpse at the underlying shielding. Heavy black shrink tube carrying the company’s name and logo covers the rhodium-plated RCA connector completely. That connector is a fairly thick and long affair of almost 2cm across where the cable itself is just 15.5mm. This interconnect is remarkable flexible for its diameter and fairly tight bends can be executed easily though with care.

According to the manufacturer there's a lot going on beneath their PET braid. It all starts with a solid 1.4mm OCC core conductor. No silver plating or multi strands here, just two solid-core copper wires. Each is wrapped in a PTFE sheath followed by the first screen in the form of a copper braid. That braid is subsequently wrapped in aluminum foil and the whole covered by a red or black PTFE sheath. Now the two lines—each 3.2mm across by this time—plus two dummy lines get wrapped in a metallic foil followed by an extruded PVC jacket. A fourth screen in the form of a copper braid shines through the final PET braid. It thus seems the Pearl Consequence uses a double dose of the DSS filter system. We asked Łukasz about the dummy lines and his answer was that they are indeed dummy lines in the RCA version but become active in the balanced version.

For our use the large RCA connectors did not create a problem. Owners of the likes of McIntosh and other brands with tightly spaced RCA terminals can order a Pearl with a slimmer version of the connectors.

We started our listening tests with the Pearl connecting the Trafomatic Reference Phono to the Trafomatic Reference One preamplifier. Conducting the small voltages from a phono stage to be amplified further downstream can become a tall tale if something goes wrong. Not here though. There was no hiss, hum or any other noise emitting from the 100dB sensitive Pnoe horns driven by Trafomatic's Kaivalya monos other than the occasional tick from a spinning LP. With regards to cable virginity we gave the Pearl Consequence ample time to settle. During this time the sound changed just marginally. At the very top end of the spectrum a little emphasis that was present during the first hours disappeared and left this region with a well defined open character. The word that came to mind using this cable in our analog rig was organic. Music flowed without obstruction or artificial accent. That same organic feeling was present also in the rendering of the musical image. Using this cable in the setup described above brought a maturity and restfulness to the sound albeit without any hint of indifference.