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Impressive and for me one of this design's real strengths was the extremely dynamic ultra-clean midband which could tickle, caress or respond like lightning and with substantial shove. Voices and guitars became special friends – direct, immediate, well detailed, snappy but not spiked. As said before, down below the voicing was clean but more slim than potent even though it never lagged behind the truly greased vocal range. Dynamically the ElectroMotion ESL was quite astute. The song's build-up and later collapse were both tracked accurately and believably. Here I thought the stats had the clear edge over my Neat Momentum 4i which handles the bass with more grit and gumption but doesn't quite keep up with the panels' small-scale dynamics.

The Logans got on well with various amps. Aside from my usual Myryad MXA 2150, I also tried Audreal's V30 valve amp and the dainty Yarland FV34CIII. Even the latter's demure 10 watts managed to unearth impressive dynamics and fun from the stats' passable efficiency if only to moderate room levels. The Audreal already sat fat inside rock levels. In short, an uncomplicated speaker.

Conclusion. Martin Logan's ElectroMotion ESL are speakers that invite us on exciting musical travels. They generate an unusually live atmosphere and, within a decent sweet spot, very precise imaging and exacting depth layering embedded within an above-average dimensional scale. Tonally well balanced and subjectively seamless, the stats combine silky highs, a detailed dynamic midband and articulate if not ultimately voluminous bass. It's a terrific choice for music lovers hoping to feast on an arrestingly involving presentation all for a highly competitive €3.190/pr price. The fetching industrial design with its smart semi-translucent panels also cuts a cosmetically winning profile. In short, the Martin Logan Electro-Motion ELS was my first electrostat but surely not the last.

Psych profile
• a detailed well resolved silky treble that's neither crisp nor recessed.
• a cleanly elucidated finely teased out vocal band.
• more wiry/slim than fulsome bass.
• rhythmically astute particularly in the mid/high registers where the 'live' sense dominates.
• a comparatively narrow sweet spot within which the depth perspective becomes quite stunning coupled to very precise image localization. Outside the sweet spot the dipole dispersion floods the room with music but image focus and stage depth suffer.
• works well with nearly all music styles.
• special strengths are sonic lightfootedness and spirited dynamics.

• Concept: Passive two-way with electrostatic mid/high panel and dynamic down-ported woofer
• Dimensions and weight: 132.3 x 22.9 x 41.4cm (HxWxD), 16.1kg/ea
• Sensitivity: 91dB/W/m
• Nominal impedance: 6 ohms
• Warranty: 3 years
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