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Here are the renderings for the new Guangzhou plant. They suggest a university campus more than a loudspeaker house.

Next is a combination of rendering and actual photos.

Assembly lines are already busy there.

With roots in raw driver manufacture, Swans' annual output is fairly significant.

A proper anechoic chamber on the premises is merely part of the overall recipe.

Curved cabinets are often stave-joined rather than simply bent.

Swans also builds in solid stone as though to make a mockery of 'yellow fever' China bashers.

Here are images of the German show room taken three years ago when the EU operation launched.

Now we'll quickly insert reader Johan Stam's email which expresses sentiments likely shared by others."While one must respect the business Swans have built and probably the quality of sound and build of their products (I haven't heard them) as well as the engineering involved, I get a flare of irritation each time I read a review of their products. In none of them is it ever mentioned that some of their speakers at least in looks are shameless copies of succesful models by established audio companies. The M1's enclosure resembles that of the utterly glorious original Sonus Faber Minima which I am proud to own to the nth degree. The drivers may be different, the sound may be great but it will never gain my respect knowing how the design is a blatant rip-off. Looking through the photos of your report,  I notice similarities with other Sonus Faber speakers (M200/Extrema in looks alone, otherwise incomparable) but also with those of B&W (that bullet tweeter and yellow midrange), ATC and Dynaudio to a lesser degree. I for one would not want to build my company on the reputation of another's original designs. Obviously at Swans they do not share this view. How does this strike you as representative of the reviewers' community? Don't you feel compelled to at least comment on this aspect while reviewing some of these products?" This sidebar has my response.