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But the Vincent isn’t forgetful and particularly not down low. On LA Riots’ vocal remix of Kings & Queens' "30 Seconds to Mars" from This is War, the electronically generated bass drum traversed the listening room like a breaker parting on a ship’s bow and the various synths and enhanced e-bass growled and creaked to massage the cochlea. This could be scaled up to neighbor hate levels without turning soft. Bass here is immutable bed rock.

On top meanwhile the Vincent isn’t as fresh. The operative description would be slightly soft and rounded off to prevent bite and sharpness. This balancing act was nicely relevant on the Procedere instrumental of Japanese duo Bocca Grand made up of house producer Kousuke Ishida and former piano teacher Yuka Kobayashi. The piano is mixed crystalline and nearly glassy and vigorous pounding in the upper registers can wilt your pink bits.

Here the Vincent is more civilized. Purists could demur that treble prettification is at play to enable higher SPLs. They might well be right. I simply didn’t think this voicing eliminated important detail. I found it plain effective. I even think that more than one listener will find this treble balance advantageous.

With the SV-236Mk the Vincent brand shows how it has progressed. The price/performance ratio remains what it's been for them and relative to power it's outright remarkable. This mondo muscle displays itself with ease and utterly silences any desire for more. That much I’d expected. These reserves simply applied themselves more charmingly than anticipated. Violent when required, the amp also knew how to be gentle. Staging to the rear of the venue was very good whilst width was less spectacular. Separation of even complex passages was high though. That the latter occured without surgical detachment and that the high end didn't turn crisp were items I fielded under character.

The SV-236Mk plays
• With powerful unassailably solid and nicely defined low bass.
• A minor but flavourful presence emphasis.
• A forgiving treble.
• With good stage depth but compressed width.
• Very muscular and effortless even at high levels.

  • Dimensions and weight: 43 x 15 x 43.5cm WxHxD, 18kg
  • Trim: Silver or black
  • I/o ports: 6 line-level inputs including tape look, one pre-out, biwire speaker terminals
  • Other: Remote control
  • Power consumption: Ca. 125 watts at idle
  • Warranty: 2 years
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