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Fritz Schwertfeger
Sources: Linn LP12, Pro-Ject Perspective Anniversary, Mytek Brooklyn, Sony CDP X—707 ES, Auralic Aries Mini, Linn Sneaky DS, Mac Mini with Audirvana
Integrated amps: Cayin MT-34L, Sony TA-DA 9000 ES, Pioneer SC-LX 89, Elac Element
Preamps: Sony TA-E 80 ES
Power amps: Sony TA-N 80 ES (bi-amped)
Loudspeakers: KEF LS50, Isophon Vertigo Signature, Audiostatic ES 300, Elac 247.3, Canton Vento 890.2, Vento 830.2, Vento Center, Sub 600
Headphones: Beyerdynamic DT 1770 Pro & DT 1990 Pro, Astell&Kern AK T8iE, Sennheiser Momentum 2
Mobile hifi: Astell&Kern AK380, Calyx M, Chord Mojo
Review component retail price: €799

Stream with—speed?—stripes. Founded 40 years ago, Electrocompaniet enjoy a sterling reputation for their Classic range. When talk centres on uncompromised circuitry ensconced in extraordinary styling, the Norwegians' name tends to crop up.

To address not just the traditional audiophile audience but lovers of lower-budget streaming and multi-room kit, there's EC Living. That revolves around integration and networking. Styling follows Electrocompaniet's elegant tradition; just more compact.

A closer look at this product family discovers the one-box streaming solution of wireless Tana SL-1 speaker which the L1 can add to for stereo or a surround-sound ensemble. Compared to Sonos, Bose & Bros., this is not exactly chicken feed but as our prior review from a year ago discovered, it sonically made bank to be of interest when the usual suspects in this genre lack true audiophile ambition.

And to be sure, Electrocompaniet handle production of their entire EC Living range in Norway and not through some low-labour Far-Eastern subcontractor. It's fitting then that we now have the Rena S-1, a matching network streamer with onboard DAC.

Facing today's jury however is the Rena SA-1 which adds to wireless streaming its own amplifier which may power sundry passive speakers. Within EC-Living's own portfolio, this could be the Tana L1; with wireless connection up to 24-bit/96kHz. For more bass or bigger rooms, there's also the wireless Sira-L1 subwoofer. The core principle isn't really news of course. Already in 2008 Linn had their Sneaky DS. But that takes nothing away from the concept of a network streamer plus amp rolled into one compact chassis. It remains perfectly contemporary. With its self-updating app, it fulfils demands for comfort and modern accessibility like smartphone compatibility. Where some will only see fitness for a smart second system in a guest/bedroom or office, others spot potential to liberate the living room entirely from its hifi altar; as long as there are no analog souces for an exclusively digital diet. In trade, this small box can scale up to support whole-house multi-room applications.