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Is a Lamborghini delivered on a bullet-proof lorry? I haven't the faintest. I do know that a pair of Gryphon Mojo S will arrive in self-palletized man-sized crates. Cradled in massive foam corners, stands and monitors bolt to massive end-cap MDF plates. Those integrate handles for convenient removal and safe set-down without marring the flawless finish. All necessary tools with detailed instructions are included. Unpacking and setup was a very manageable one-man job. That's because Gryphon had wisely opted not to ship the speakers already bolted to their contoured perches.

Though it's likely bad form to go Mr. Gaga over packing quality, this Danish delivery was a prime example for how such things ought to be done. As the drawings indicate, all a customer must do is remove the protective plates, bolt the cross bars to the stand bottoms, insert the frontal spikes, affix speakers to stands with four bolts each and finally snap the top fairings into their retainers to completely disguise the rectangular boxes beneath. Voilà, a rakish set of Mojo is ready to rumble. Raise that mojito.

Here we close up on the high-gloss snap-on helmet with its rippled speed stripes; and the folded Mundorf air-motion transformer tweeter surrounded by felt.

Fine detailing on speaker and stand abound. Being replaceable, the wings can easily change colour.

Perhaps knowing of our bright blue curtains which have accompanied us since Le Mont Pèlerin in Switzerland, Gryphon dispatched our loaner pair in Kodo Blue which...

... cut quite the figure in our new digs. Those once again eliminate the typical rear wall behind the listening seat and add a lovely backlit gabled beam ceiling for extra height.

To only change one item at a time, I'd first sample the Mojo S with our usual amplifiers—a pair of German LinnenberG Allegro monos and the American Pass Labs XA-30.8—before the Diablo 120 would replace those for the full Gryphon hit. Then our usual Audio Physic Codex 4-ways would finish off on the Gryphon integrated to complete the picture.