Let's face it. There are many very nice players to market now which perform very well. Think Hifiman HM901, Astell&Kern AK240, iBasso DX100, Fiio X5, Calyx M etc. But in many cases their operating systems are a pain in the ass. They may be glitchy, slow, use a confusing user interface, struggle with different types of file formats or take forever reading a card. Here the PAW Gold is one of the fastest guns from the East. Even its operating system is faster than the no-screen Altmann Tera Player. No joke. Although its GUI is not as fancy as the iPod's or that of the AK series, it causes zero confusion to the user. Imagine a DAP which powers up in 2-3 seconds and shuts down in 1-2 seconds. Imagine a DAP which starts to play files three seconds after you inserted a fully loaded 128GB SD card. Imagine a DAP which will play all of your DSD files and run for 8-9 hours; which has 5ps of jitter. Can you say splendid like winning the lotoo?

The PAW Gold consists of over 600 components and parts.

"As a reference music player, the PAW Gold has a strong heart in the Analog Devices Blackfin 514 DSP core processor with a specially designed real-time OS. It uses a Burr Brown PCM1792 DAC chip for extremely high dynamic range of 121dB with only 0.00058% of THD+N on the headphone output."
"The digital input filter separates the incoming signal into six upper bits and 18 lower bits. The six upper bits are converted to inverted complementary offset binary ICOB code. The lower 18 bits associated with the MSB are processed by a five-level 3rd-order delta-sigma modulator which operates at a default 64fS. The 1 level of the modulator is equivalent to the 1 LSB of the ICOB code converter. The bit groups processed in the ICOB converter and 3rd-order delta-sigma modulator are summed to an up to 66-level digital code, then processed by DAW data-weighted averaging to reduce noise produced by element mismatch. The up-to-66-levels DWA data are converted to analog in the differential current segment section."

"The LME49600 headphone driver delivers powerful energy to support a wide range of headphones with 500mWpc@32Ω whilst a high/low switch adjusts gain to complement different requirements."