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Michael Bruss
Analogue: VPI Scout II table,  JMW 9 arm, ZYX R100 Fuji stylus, Neukomm MCA112S phono stage
Digital: Auralic Aries
Integrated: Linn Majik DSM
Preamp: Norma Audio SC-2 DAC 
Power amps: Norma Audio PA 160 MR
Loudspeakers: hORNS Mummy, Lansche Audio No.3.1
Cables: Speaker - Audioquest Rocket 88, Graditech Lumi; interconnects - Audioquest Yukon, fastaudio Black Science (phono), Graditech Kide 3 und Kide; digital - AudioQuest Cinnamon und Carbon, Graditech Kide Digital; power - Graditech Voima 1 und 2, AudioQuest NRG-2
Power delivery:  Audioplan Powerstar, Fisch Audiotechnik AFL Filterleiste, Tsakiridis Super Athena
Accessories: fastaudio Absorber, Acoustic System Int. resonators
Listening room: 24.5m², 2.7m ceiling
Review component retail: €1'099 ; other models €599/BAC 150, €2'799/BAC 1500, €3'999/BAC 3000

The hifi is set up. It makes sound. Done? Not.
A few months later, the tuning bug will bite. Trust me. It's unavoidable. So I wasn't surprised when, over the last year, I found myself curious about sundry tools and accessories which might help my system up by a notch or two. bFly's PowerBase and Base 2 were two such items which, after their review, just had to stay. The Super Athena power filter from Greek house Tsakiridis Devices impressed likewise and was acquired. Now under the Plixir brand, the former maker has taken on distribution of an interesting range of AC filters from Singapore. Their new 'Elite' range is the first of the catalogue to hoof it over to Germany.

And they do look rather solid in their immaculate full-metal jackets. Proportions are elegant, the front is robust, the terminals are rock-solid, all fasteners cleanly flush and already the second-smallest Elite BAC 400 puts a proper 8.6kg on the scale. It all instills confidence. The range includes four models distinguished by max power delivery and number of outlets. The smaller BAC 150 and BAC 400 are intended for low-draw kit like CD and record players, phono and headfi amps, preamps, DACs, streamers and computers. The big BAC 1500 and BAC 3000 can front full rigs including high-power amps.