To be safe, I'll simply assume that cables exist which here or there pull even with Tellurium Q's Black Diamond or perhaps exceed it. Without doubt, a number will impress you more physically than the rather modest optics of these British wires. But here looks are deceiving. Swap in the Black Diamonds and you'll be happy that sonic gains are commensurate with their expense.

For all their substantial depth mining into the bass, the Tellurium Q are tonally unbelievably even to involve no conflict with their superior low end. It's really more about other cables giving up prematurely. The same self-assurance extends into dynamics and leading edge behaviour, into convincing staging and the type of three-dimensional materialized projection one has every right to expect at these prices.

Detail fetishism and extreme resolution fanatism are less catered to when Tellurium Q's Black Diamond don't exaggerate focus or dial up the bright spot lights. The finest of nuances are elegantly enfolded into the total picture to never trigger extra listener efforts. Such cables really are the stuff recommendations to close friends are made of. Or to oneself.

Psych profile for the Tellurium Q Black Diamond:
  • The cables in this range play impressively balanced and deserve to be called neutral yet emotionally engaging.
  • Here neutrality implies not merely tonal evenness but freedom from artifice to lead to an exceptionally natural result.
  • The foundation is very powerful extended bass which is maximally expressed by the speaker cable.
  • This is followed by well-seasoned not overly warm mids and an easy-going neither hooded nor extremely ethereal treble.
  • Against an unusually calm silkily black background then come dynamics and tone colours of a calibre normally reached only by clearly costlier wires.
  • Ideal systems for the Black Diamonds will already be well balanced or perhaps include an extra dose of treble pepper. If the HF lack in air or the bass exhibits precision issues, another cable range in the Tellurium Q catalogue will be preferable.

  • Phono Tellurium Q Black Diamond (2x1m): €1'150
  • RCA low-level Tellurium Q Black Diamond (2x1m): €1'160
  • XLR low-level Tellurium Q Black Diamond (2x1m): €1'430
  • Speaker cable Tellurium Q Black Diamond (2x3m): €4'900
  • Burn-in CD (included with Silver Diamond, Black Diamond und Ultra Silver): €26
  • Warranty: 2 years
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