What X Bulk is not is an artificial ground. "The construction of X Bulk uses the EMI/RFI-suppressing modules we designed based on our Technology X. The modules are frozen in nitrogen using a process developed for them. The conductor we use is cryogenized 4N silver. We would like to emphasize that X Bulk is not an earthing, neither is it an artificial mass. X Block works as a supplement to X Bulk and operates in a spectrum not reached by X Bulk. Similarly, X Block cannot replace X Bulk. However, they work extremely effectively together. X Block's function is to collect the interference that gathers and is emitted inside the hifi component. It will be placed on the cover above the power supply or any other optimal place decided by the user based on listening." Miss Hooey's reluctance now fights with the Merbau wood containers. She calls them unnecessary cost-raising bling. She would remind us of how LessLoss at first packaged their FireWall in ultra-costly Panzerholz, then discontinued it only to reissue the same tech in cheap plastic casings. Couldn't Verictum sell their invention like nude ERS paper and for pennies on the dollar? Here Miss Hooey's transmission breaks up in badly crackling static. All business is about profit. It's not about giving stuff away for nothing. With their try-first policy, Verictum pose a simple line of questions at their would-be customers...

... can you hear the difference? Do you wish to own this difference? If so, can you duplicate it at the same potency with anything else for less? If you answer the first two questions with no and the last with yes, Verictum isn't for you. It's really not complicated. My personal Verictum email read, "if you are interested in trying our products, we would gladly enable the test. Take a look at our website and tell us which products you are interested in and by what date."

I thought I should have a go at one X Bulk Gold to attack HF noise pollution on the first junction of the power plane via 3-prong US plug; two X Bulk Silver to capture HF at the last junction of the speaker, via spades to connect to their negative terminals;
and three X Block for a proximity treatment of DAC, preamp and power amp.

Which gets us at the pesky €. How much do Verictum want for their various Xtras? Would it decimate Miss Hooey's budget for Bulgari jewelry and Prada shoes and put hubby in the dog house?