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: Frank Hakopians
Analog sources: TW-Acustic Raven AC with Analog Tools and Pyon Sound Iris SE  arms and the cartridges Dynavector XV-1S, Steinmusic Aventurin6, Lyra Titan i, Denon DL 103R with platter mats from Dereneville and Steinmusic
Digital sources: Abbingdon Music Research DP-777, Ensemble Dirondo transport, Innuos Zenith MkII server
Integrated amplifier: Devialet D-Premier
Preamps: Accustic Arts Tube Preamp II Mk.2 linestage, Einstein The Turntables Choice phonostage
Power amps: Tenor Audio 75 Wi monos, Audionet Amp I V2
Loudspeakers: Acapella La Campanella, Clockwork Event Horizon
Cables: Analog Tools Reference Serie speaker, phono and interconnect, Steinmusic Highline power cords, Nordost QRT QB4 und QB8 power distributors
Sundry accessories: Steinmusic and Moll Audio AC isolation transformers, Furutech receptacles, AHP-Klangmodule, Steinmusic Harmonizer, racks by Copulare and Audio Lignum, platforms by Symposium Acoustics and Acapella
Listening room: 23.4m² with 2.64m ceiling
Review component retail: €795 - €1'180 for standard lengths

Cables thick as wrists, with connectors polished to a gleam; those can mightily impress. Typical responses are eyebrows raised as though in recognition. There's air sucked in through teeth to whistle in appreciation. Though not rarely too, there's a tap of the index finger to the forehead, presumably as kudos for the intellectual efforts expended on one's choice of costly wiring.

It's not pure Saturday Night satire, either. Many typical high-end cables flaunt impressive diameters and appliqué of wood, metal or other exotica mostly without any real functions. But that rule isn't without exceptions. Swiss cable specialists Vovox eschew bling and overkill. Lean 0.8mm² conductors hide inside non-spectacular black textile sleeves to appear demure and plain by high-end standards. Show-off heroes these connections from the township of Ebikon in the canton of Luzern are not. Why that is so I appreciated upon meeting designer Jürg Vogt. He's a slim mid-sized type about whom you'd believe it if told that he runs the occasional marathon or scales domestic peaks with a mountain bike before breakfast.

Likely he'd never confess to any of it. Modesty undoubtedly factors even where the case evidence presents no reason to be modest. That's because under Jürg Vogt, Vovox were responsible for professionals recognizing the impact and contributions of quality cabling. To get there meant shattering a few glass ceilings. In extreme cases, it meant renting a complete theatre and fitting it with two identical sound systems, one wired up with typical pro cabling, the other with Vovox. This enabled professional decision makers to clearly isolate and recognize the superior Vovox cabling. Naturally such demoes involved financial risk. But success meant that today the Luzerner Saal of the KKL Luzern concert house known for its terrific sound is wired up with Vovox. So are uncountable recording studios.

Despite Swiss conservatism then, Vovox today are leaders in the supply of top pro-arena cables. With their 15th anniversary approaching next year, it's no surprise that fiscally, home hifi sales would still play a far lesser role in the firm's annual turnover. But here it goes as it does with car makers. Success at Formula One leads to recognition which leads to demand for civilians. With Vovox, civilian transportation spans three quality tiers or product ranges. Aside from speaker cables and analog interconnects, they include phono, digital and power models. The entry range is vocalis, the middle range is textura which supplied today's testers. The portfolio tops out with textura fortis which means 10 times thicker cross sections on the solid-core conductors and rather more ambitious pricing.