Rocky Mountain Audio Fest 2005?
Putting their heads together in the wake of the just-concluded first-ever Rocky Mountain Audio Fest 2004, show organizers Ron Welborne of Welborne Labs and Alan Stiefel of Red Rock Audio found themselves writing each other a modest check - not enough to wanting to become full-time show organizers ever again but not a complete loss either.

Alas, Welborne Labs suffered so much neglect due to the extensive time and energy devoted to show preparations that Ron has decided to participate at the proposed 2005 installment only in much reduced capacity. Alan Stiefel is prepared to take on some of Ron's responsibilities for next year and will once again rely on the support of the Colorado Audiophile Society network.

For 2005, the Marriott Tech Center hotel will present show management with both increased room rates, storage fees and number-of-room commitments. To gauge industry reaction to a proposed RMAF 2005, Alan Stiefel presents the following information for consideration. If the show is to happen again, it needs to be locked in shortly. Parties interested in participating are requested to contact Mr. Stiefel at the earliest opportunity: e-mail | phone 303-393-7918

This is only meant to be a survey of industry sentiment and a copy of this press release will be sent to all RMAF 2004 exhibitors. If the response is positive, official registration for exhibit space will begin December 6, 2004. No reservations will be accepted before this date. Reservation forms will be available at that time on this website.

Proposed Rocky Mountain Audio Fest 2005:
  • Dates: September 30 through October 2, 2005
  • Show Hours: Friday 12pm to 9pm (exhibitor rooms optional after 6pm to accommodate private meetings and demonstrations)
    Saturday 10am to 9pm (exhibitor rooms optional after 6pm)
    Sunday 10am to 4pm
  • Location: Denver Marriott Tech Center
  • Exhibitor room rates: $1500/$1,750 pre/post 3/31/05 registration date respectively
    Additional rooms $1,300/1,550
    Suites/Conference Room $2,900/$3,300
    Vendor booths on the main lobby floor in the Columbine Center $150 for 3' x 6' / $300 for 10' x 10' / $400 for 10' x 20' for whole weekend respectively

Room rates include furniture removal and storage (incidental costs like phone use and food extra). A food service area with tables and chairs will be available, with planned Fri dinner, Sat lunch/dinner and Sun lunch. Furniture removal will be complete by Wednesday evening so move-in for all rooms will begin early the next morning to allow for one full day of setup on Thursday and a half day until 12pm on Friday when the event opens to the public.

RMAF 2004 was deemed a rousing success by all attendees and exhibitors and benefited from extensive press coverage. Building on the experience, RMAF 2005 is bound to eclipse it but to get off the ground, requires the support and participation of the industry at large. Even at the modestly raised rates, this is the only significant US-based audio show that's free of Union interference, easily accessible, friendly to the manufacturers and affordable to allow even smaller vendors an opportunity to display their wares and interact with the public. If RMAF 2005 happens -- and we're very much in favor -- 6moons will be there again to cover the event.