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You want more bass from Quad electrostats and more of a soundstage for your little listening room? Actually, the question should have been: Do you want to see, hear and feel the bass your Quads produced all along but which you were unable to hear because of your room? No problem. All you needed in this case was a silver resonator in your refrigerator, a gold special in your adjacent room and a slight modification to your existing resonator setup. Later we could perhaps also experiment with the noise filters aka sugar cubes and a diffuser. Photos from Hakan Burkut's listening room: J.C.Verdier La Platine turntable, SME V, Cardas cartridge, Quad II forty monoblocks, Quad QC-24P, Quad QC-24, Quad ESL 2805, all cables from Cardas.

At the next stop, Franck helped the chairman of the Izmir Hifi Club with his Genesis setup of demanding speakers. If you know Franck, this posed no challenge. After about one hour, all was done and a huge soundstage and beautiful tonal balance the result. Loads of detail too. Our chairman says he no longer can live without the resonators. He also wrote a review about them for our last issue. Haluk Ozumerzifon's system: Michell Gyrodec, SME V, Clearaudio Insider cartridge, Revox B77, all electronics from Audio Research and the huge Genesis loudspeakers.

Another system Franck touched with his incredible tuning skills: digital front-end by Wadia, New Audio Frontiers 845 amp, Zingali horns

Another virtual wall operation for Hakan Demircan's System: Bluenote Bellavista Signature/B5/Boboli analog setup, J.C.Verdier Triode Spirit 300B amp, Triangle Naia loudspeakers

Another system with Quad ESLs in new listening room, with a new resonator setup and the system's owner Mr. Izzet Kohen couldn't believe this ears. Izzet Kohen's system consists of J.C.Verdier La Platine turntable, SME V, Cardas cartridge, Quad pre-power amps, Aesthetix Rhea phono, Lindemann CD, Quad ESL 2905 loudspeaker, with all cables from Cardas.

Pro edition resonators for Tango loudspeaker upgrade installation

Inside of the Tango loudspeaker, view from the bottom woofer opening. I asked to Franck why there was no damping material, nothing inside. He answered with a counter question: "Is there any damping material inside a violin?" Hakan: "Okay Franck, no more questions." On the real wood plinth of the loudspeaker sit a special edition diffusor and pro resonators.

This was the first time I listened to the upgraded Tangos. The basic edition was one of the best loudspeakers I had ever heard. Now I'm out of words. Details, soundstage and tonal balance are all incredible. With the platinum resonator inside, there is a huge difference. The Tango has been utterly transformed.

Last words - for me, Franck is one of the most sympathetic, down-to-earth and incredibly gifted guys within this industry. We are all very happy to know him and to have spent some more time in his company. Now I am awaiting Franck's new interconnect cables. Franck, a big thank you for visiting Izmir! - Hakan Cezayirli

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