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The Hong Kong High End Audio Visual Show is organized by the premier Hong Kong-based audiophile magazine Audiotechnique. It is an annual event for hi-end audio, music and home cinema lovers across South East Asia. The 2011 show was their 9th installment at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre and took place August  5th to 7th Friday to Sunday. With more than 1.000 brands represented globally, there was lots to see including show specials. The admission fee for multiple entries per day was HKD 60.- and included a free SACD 'The Perfect Sound' as a gift. Great value!

This being Hong Kong, the queue on the first day was complete madness. I waited 45 minutes just to get in and this was Friday. People were waiting to get their hands on the LP/CD pressing of the show CD which of course was all out by the time I got to the front.  I did however secure copies of some show-special vinyl.  The one on the left is the 25th anniversary re-issue of a sought-after demo record. The second is a limited edition first pressing of a drum performance with the master available to sign its cover.  These lines got far more manageable 10 to 15 minutes past the initial mad rush.

Evident at this show was the growing popularity of headfi and/or the reality of small dwellings in Hong Kong and how this affects music consumption in practical ways.. Personal stereos are huge business and all the big names were out in full swing for a large turnout and displays by Monster Beats, Audio-Technica, Sennheiser, Ultrasone, Ultimate Ears, AKG et al. There were large displays of headphones, IEMs, portable amps, custom moulds and cables of all kinds.

Of course there was no shortage of the obligatory booth babes to slow down traffic.

Go Vibe had their latest amps on display. 

Ultrasone showed their flagship Edition 10 open-backed headphones. While most the punters were men, there was a good show of life also from the ladies and children to render this event a more accessible family weekend destination.

Accessories by Weizhi Precision included various power distributors, record clamps and component footers. Their power distributors recall Acoustic Revive's and Furutech's RTP.

Weizhi Precision carbon fiber CD mats.

Music Hi-Fi's Orpheus headphone amp with tubes is extravagantly styled.

John Blue AudioArt's popular widebanders and Weizhi Precision all-aluminum loudspeakers with Mundorf ATM tweeter.

John Blue JB3 minis with LA Audio M-2 integrated tube amp.

Danish Davone loudspeakers revived the Art Deco theme..

Vitus Audio and Mårten Design teamed up for a Nordic show of strength and expense with the Coltrane Momento speakers while Resolution Audio's Cantata source and Pont Neuf computer interface contributed some US digital muscle.

Wilson Benesch speaker, Audio Note UK amps and IsoClean power conditioners.