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Damn. Insert cussing of the more peppery kind. Don't you sometimes wish you could be in two places at once? Consider the below. Then appreciate that I couldn't make it. I was booked already to visit Kevin & Lynn Scott at Living Voice to sample their Vox Olympian hornspeaker. No mean occasion. And, this one sounded like fun too particularly because I love Turkish music and have always wanted to visit Constantinople.

"Dear Srajan,
It's been quite a while since we last talked. If you remember, we were expecting you in Istanbul in 2006 with Adnan Arduman. Due to some unfortunate issues, you had to cancel then. Perhaps life has interesting ways to get people in touch again. While I am organizing and coordinating our second annual Echole/Absolare audio gathering in Istanbul, I thought I should invite you. This would be a great chance to finally meet.

"Our second annual manufacturers and dealer gathering will be in Istanbul, Turkey from August 27 to 30. To give you a better idea of the format, it will be similar to what was held last year as covered in Clement Perry's report. The topics this year will include the upcoming Mini Kaiser Kawero from Germany; the revised Absolare designs; the upcoming Absolare line branded by royal families in Spain and Georgia (attached find preliminary sketches); and relaxation, dining and time to reflect on the beautiful city of Istanbul. 

"In other words, we will spend time on the Bosphorous, enjoy some very good restaurants, see the Hagia Sophia and other 2000-year old districts and of course listen to some music and have discussions about the new products. "Here is the latest list of attendees as of today:

Rick Brown (HIFI1 USA)
Fred Manheck ( Dealer - USA)
Raimund Mundorf (Founder - Germany)
Joe Cohen (Owner - Lotus Group USA)
John Park (Mythology Racks - Korea)
Mr.Kim(Dealer - Korea)
Juan de Bagration (prince of Georgia/Spain - holder of the Vano Bagration 314AD brand)
Alexander Kolesov (Dealer - Russia)
Jack Bybee (Bybee Techologies)
Jeppe and Kenneth Jensen (Dealer - Denmark)
Jeroen Verschuren (Dealer - Benelux Countries)
Christopher Malcolm (Dealer - Australia)
Holger Stein (Founder - Stein Music Germany)

Kerem Kucukaslan

July 21, 2010

To follow up, the next email arrived September 16: "Srajan, here is my follow-up email on the Echole Conference. First the attendees:

"In addition to Kaiser Acoustics, Stein Music of Germany, Pyon Sound of Korea and Wadax of Spain have become the new strategic & development partners of Echole. The prince of Georgia Juan de Bagration is a partner and with this royal identity, a new Royal Line is soon coming to life for Absolare. In the six-day series of events, we explored Istanbul's textures, history and soul. We believe Istanbul is a great city that can reflect our philosophy to the utmost.

"Between the events, several auditions took place in dedicated rooms where the systems were wired with Echole Obsession cables. We had  presentations in Mr. Elgiz's house, at Extreme Audio and the Echole Istanbul showroom. The gist of the presentations was as follows:

"The Echole and Absolare core team is now made up of 16 specialists including electrical engineers, mechanical engineers, architects, acoustical engineers and artisanal technicians. Adopting and building upon the concept of synergy, the actual numbers multiply. Echole and Absolare are indeed hundreds of specialists building and engaging the audio world. Rarely are a few individuals regardless of their accomplishments able to bring into existence a sense of greatness. However the creation of an environment where many specialists can safely collaborate and help each other is a concept that can and will build something magnificent. Establishing bonds with companies whose competencies are unique within our industry will add to a grand synergy.

"Stein Music of Germany, Pyon Sound of South Korea, Kaiser Acoustics of Germany, Bybee Technologies of the USA, Wadax of Spain, Echole and Absolare of the  USA - we hope this is just the beginning. Sales and distribution networks such as HiFi One and Fidelis AV can help make this collaboration successful for the customer as well as manufacturer.  Absolare and Echole believe in this power of synergy where different people work collectively to the mutual benefit of all - for the individual, the industry, the advancement of technologies and hopefully the true enhancement of the musical playback experience. Echole Cable's uniquely organic performance combined with Absolare's resonance control technology and state-of-the-art transformer design is a driving force behind the best possible sound quality and of utmost importance to maximizing musical involvement. Once again, the carefully selected strategic partnerships are what matters for the final synergy and this conference emphasized the need to act as one with the most dedicated partners around the globe." - Kerem Kucukaslan