Like everything here, this job can only be performed correctly after countless years of experience. Other tube factories use machines to do the job and to make up for the lack of handcrafter's expertise. Here, all work is done by hand and accompanied by an old-time Tesla-rectified radio

The next stage involves activating the getter. This process extracts all spurious gases still lingering in the tube and becomes the only time you will ever see a KR Audio tube glowing.

The final stage before comprehensive testing is the attachment of the ceramic base with the pins after which 128 hours of hand labor have been spent on one single tube. Now we have a pretty good notion why the price which KR Audio demands for its tubes is what it is.

The proof of the pudding is in the consumption so with the factory tour concluded, we move into Ricardo's factory listening room, a sunny and now quit warm room filled with antique radios and related paintings and posters. At the end of the room in a rack, there are a few examples of KR Audio's equipment and a simple Sony CD player and of course a Kronzilla.

Among others, loudspeakers are the large Silverline Audio Grandeur 4-ways. We listen to a few discs Ricardo appreciated while having some more coffee and talking with Eunice about the past and the future.

Although the recent past looked grim, with the loss of Ricardo difficult to forget, the future appears bright. Marek is full of new ideas for tubes and amplifiers and the market is improving. Eunice proudly tells us that Nagra has selected her KR Audio 845s for use in their famous amplifiers. The reason for this choice, according to the Swiss press release, is the consistent build quality of the tubes and their superior sonic performance. Similar negotiations with other companies are already on their way as well.

We leave the Nademlejnska filled with rich impressions and make an extra tour through the city. The Cow Parade's in town and colorful herbivores show up everywhere.

It is a pity we have to leave so soon. Prague is an intriguing city filled with the colorful tension of many contradictions that make it worthwhile to return one day and see more.

Now we have a little piece of Prague in our hearts and playing in our loft and we like it.

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