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Klipsch gets little luv in high-end quarters but this speaker deserves more than being snubbed. For home theater aficionados, there are now a matching center channel, a subwoofer and horn-loaded surrounds.

The big news from the Leben HiFi Stereo Company wasn't this now discontinued CS-200P amplifier with 6V6 valves but what's coming next year - the CS-84P monaural power amplifier and RS-30C preamplifier.

This display case presented a photo op for under-the-bonnet action of Lehmann Audio and Sutherland phono stages and more.

Another display case, entrails of another company, this the Linn Dynamik SMPS module.

This MasterSound Evolution 845 integrated amplifier puts out a serious 55 class A watts in paralleled single-ended triode mode sans NFB, with 2 x ECC82 pre-drivers and 2 x 6SN7drivers. Granted, that's only one third of the mighty NAT monos seen elsewhere but in this class, still mondo muscle. In fact, it'd be complete overkill for our next entrant.

Giorgio Montagna's Spark 03 is a 1st-order 3-way speaker with crossover frequencies at 430Hz and a high 5000Hz, with an astonishing 102.5dB sensitivity achieved without hornloading but proper grain-aligned Alnico V magnets on the woofer and tweeter. The Montagna-modified drive units are the 1.3" TW33 tweeter, 4" MR100 midrange and 15" AL15.

With a quite Italian form factor and Marantz' Ken Ishiwata in attendance, these Mordaunt-Short Performance 2 speakers cut a rakish profile particularly from the side, what with that protruding spike compliments of the tweeter rear chamber duct. As the company puts it, "the patented ATTTM aspirated tweeter offers an open yet detailed sound. The elongated metal diffuser whose form is defined by complex acoustic principles floats freely from the rest of the cabinet in a discreet enclosure... the cabinet is now made from an even more effective formulation of the original proprietary polymer resin material. Meanwhile, subtle modifications to the internal structure achieve a more effective use of cabinet volume for a carefully enhanced bass response... the cabinet itself is beautifully finished and offered in three stylish lustres; midnight black, granite grey and silver..."