Three Forks/Montana has less than 2,000 inhabitants. Bozeman (the Montana equivalent of Jackson Hole/Wyoming) has quite a few more. It's but a 30-minute drive away. Then there's Big Sky (think Telluride perhaps). Figure an 80-minute wheeled hike by scenic route to visit there. Besides skiing and hiking and investing Hollywood funds, there's even more: Three Forks has its very own High-End dealer - Todd The Vinyl Junkie. Affluent Bozeman has one, too - The Thirsty Ear.

Like yours truly, Todd "The Junkie" Green has hunkered down in a remote, low-key but picturesque township that suits his life style. Like 6moons in Arroyo Seco whose single largest attraction is Julia Robert's seven horses over yonder fence, Todd needs to reach beyond the borders of his locale to make a living. To that end, he's hosting the First Annual Todd The Vinyl Junkie Montana High End Show. Yup, you've read that right - a 3-day event in a town only slightly larger than my own.

Talk about outreach. In fact, that's the reason I mention this event. We all love to belabor our shrinking audiophile rank and file. But how many of us are actually doing something about it? So think February 10-12, 2005. Think the Ruby Theater in downtown Three Forks/Montana which Todd has rented also for the following Valentine's Day, February 14. On that evening, he'll DJ a swanky dance party over some bona fide HighEnd equipment. Attendance for the whole do is free and visitors from as far as New York and Chicago have already announced their presence to sample good company, fine audio, stunning scenery and a respite from the big city.

There'll be Pass Labs Rushmore speakers doing the mambo with the Pass 350.5 amp. A VPI HRX will perform the infamous scratch'n'shuffle on them black discs. For digital, expect Meridian's 808 and G08 to do the accounting. There'll be tables from SOTA, Transrotor, Music Hall and Roksan to hold the finger foods. There'll be Sehring speakers addressing the audience and Sophia tube amps providing illumination. There'll be headphones galore and amps by Meier Audio and Ray Samuels to plug 'em in. Accommodations are all but a lousy $40 + tax/night for two in the nearest hotel. Discounted rates are compliments of your host. The closest airport is Bozeman/Montana. Does that make this show a prime destination for your Valentine or what? Fur coats, fine jewelry and fancy dining are just a half hour's ride away. As long as you play your cards right, it should be a win/win for everyone involved. Do they hand out purple hearts for audiophile missionary work? If so, assume the position and put Todd's name on one. Click here for more info.