If I were attending Highend Munich this year (why I can't is explained here), these would be some of my personal want-to-see products. In alphabetical order:

Aequo for their partially powered compact 3-way Ensis loudspeaker
• Apertura for their flagship 2-way Kalya monitor showing with the new Metaxas Ikarus integrated
• April Music for whatever hot stuff Simon Lee is introducing this year
• Aqua Hifi for their new discrete R2R Formula D/A converter
• AURALiC for their streamer/server/DAC Altair
• Boenicke for their new W11 floorstander
• Crystal Cable for their Cube integrated
• Final to listen to their hybrid BA/dynamic Sonouros headphone model
• Gryphon to check what one of the top brands are up to (they never announce novelties upfront)
• Leedh for their alien-looking E2 speaker with the world's first 100 micron glass transducers
Living Voice for a new speaker from the man who gave us the Vox Olympian
• Metrum Acoustics for their new converter using the Transient DAC2 module
• ModWright for their new Tryst tube headphone amplifier
MrSpeakers for their first electrostatic headphone
• Nagra for their new Classic DAC and Classic INTegrated
• RDacoustic for their take on a single-driver rear-horn speaker called Evolution
• soundkaos for Martin Gateley's elegant read on an open-baffle widebander with ribbon tweeter and 15" woofer called LibĂ©ration
• Stenheim for their long-rumored compact one-chassis three-way
• Vivid Audio for a hopeful chance at auditioning their smallest Giya range model G4
• Voxativ for their new Hagen and Zeth speakers
• Wagner Audio for a first-ever showing of electronics and speakers vetted by classical musicians from Russia

With Marja & Henk attending plus contributors Joël Chevassus and John Darko for their own publications, we'll learn soon enough where circumstance and personal curiosity will lead them; and whether anything on my own list will cross their paths. Often the most exciting discoveries are those which are entirely unannounced; the ones you run into without any planning. Wishing everyone a successful event and apologies for giving it a miss this year!