Poland's Cube Audio did launch their F10 neo widebander with triple whizzer in the Nenuphar enclosure ably accompanied by Aqua Hifi digital and Sicilian Tektron Audio tube gain.

Grzegorz Rulka very concisely explained the function of each whizzer and the inset photos show his uniquely executed phenolic spider and neodymium 'flower power' motor. A white review unit has been promised so we'll learn a lot more in due time.

Diapason's Alessandro Schiavi showed the 5th incarnation of his very first Adamante model with signature zero-filter mid/woofer and faceted solid-wood enclosure and—seen below, with close-up detailing in the wall poster—the Kari Wave whose thicker-than-usual walls are hand carved by an artist to look like rippling sand dunes. More than just an artistic statement, Alessandro confirmed my assumption that turning a speaker's outer surfaces into a diffuser has sonically advantageous benefits. Another looker, albeit of a very different aesthetic school than the all-metal Diana headphone.

The team of Diptyque Audio suffered missing-man syndrome. That's when two folks wo/man an active sound-booth exhibit with nobody outside to have a chat with and do actual business. If one asks questions inside, one rudely disturbs the listeners. If one just hands a business card to the lady sitting in the corner and isn't recognized, one learns zip. On my second fruitless visit, I explained said quandary to the lady in a whisper. Shortly thereafter, the gentleman controlling the music with his iPad emerged outside for a brief natter rather than just play DJ. These are isodynamic panel speakers like a French Magneplanar and their three-deep lineup seemed priced very fairly. On behalf of our voracious readers, I expressed interest and moved on, curiosity duly piqued.

ESD Acoustic won an award for how many horns to cram into the smallest possible space and add 20 component boxes. Outlaw simplicity!

With sincere congratulations to Flemming Rasmussen for finally accepting long-overdue well-deserved retirement and handing over day-to-day operations to a younger viking, the Gryphon team approaching their 35th anniversary launched the €12'800 Zena preamp with optional DAC or phono modules like the integrated Diablo platforms. Zena becomes a half-priced single-box Pandora with touch screen, fully balanced attenuator and discrete DC-coupled class A circuitry for 0.1Hz-1MHz bandwidth -3dB.

HifiMan USA's Susan L. Regan modeled for us the new Ananda, a 103dB/25Ω/399g planar that'll slurp your smart phone's milk shake without any bubble-induced airlocks. Plug in and go is the motto, no oversized costly DAP required.

Kaiser Acoustics' new Furioso Mini fronted deluxe Kondo gear...

... and contract designer Rainer Weber explained that its very flat high impedance is a result of having R&D'd it with this Kondo EL34 integrated.

Here is Kii Audio's new 8-woofer each BXT bass module for the award-winning 6-driver monitor; for when their bass extension and power (gasp!) aren't enough. Say hello to the world's first cardioid full-range loudspeaker. If red isn't your thing, Kii will have you see all kinds of different colours. Just say the word. Docking the 3 atop the <250Hz BXT line-source unit automatically loads new filter coefficients for the head unit. The additional bass drivers now even take typical floor bounce out of the equation. According to Bruno Putzeys, this big speaker works splendidly in their 4x4m office without any boom at all but taut very extended bass instead. That's because it's even more effective at removing ubiquitous front-wall disturbances. So this double decker isn't just for large spaces after all.