If you're looking for your Parts ConneXion fix, it's found its way to a new frontier!
Who you gonna call when your electronics go bump in the night? In this case Parts ConneXion, a well known Canadian company operating out of Burlington/Ontario. I had just picked up a Burson 160D to tide my son over whilst his Audio-gd Sparrow was on a slow boat to China for repairs. Suddenly the Burson began to manifest some unusual behaviour. Ever heard of a headphone amp doing a frequency sweep during playback? Neither had anyone else. As it happens, Parts ConneXion carry the Burson line and have experienced in-house techs to work the problem. Time to take it into the shop. Out went the e-mail.

Then the question. Ship it or take a drive? I found that the company was about to move into a brand-new facility, making for a formidable excuse to escape my computer screen and an excellent opportunity to meet the staff and chat with company president Chris Johnson. If the name rings a bell, the brands Sonic Frontiers, Assemblage and Anthem should be familiar to the seasoned audiophile. We talked about past and present glories, how the vagaries of international currency can bring down a brightly shining star, changing the audio landscape and how by reviving the roots of his audio passion, that star shines very brightly once again.

Parts ConneXion haves become an internationally recognized mecca for the DIYer and upgrader looking for some premium parts; as well as offering some finished fare like the Burson line. I've gotten the upgrade itch several times and found their extensive catalogue well worth checking out. My Burson problem also highlighted another advantage afforded by the Parts ConneXion. As an upgrade site, the facility has highly trained service techs. Where once such prized individuals were the revered staff of every High-End brick and mortar store, they have alas become all but extinct in those enterprises. It's a fact Mr. Johnson brought up in our reminiscence.

Why the move to bigger quarters? Attribute that to a consequence of success. Greater demand necessitated greater space. They move down the road from their old location, by odd coincidence into the former home of the Red Green television studio (and duct tape capital of the world for those acquainted with the show). The new facilities were starting to take shape and will even boast a dedicated listening room for those intrepid enough to take the journey and see and hear some of the catalog perform in the flesh. What does the future hold for the Parts ConneXion? They’re certainly looking to build on their success with this current expansion. As to lineup additions, there was definitely a twinkle in Mr. Johnson’s eye when he brought up  the prospect of forthcoming kits. Count on some interesting developments. In the meantime, if you’re looking for Parts ConneXion at their old address, they’ve moved on down the road to a better place: 5403 Harvester Rd, Unit 1, Burlington, Ontario, CANADA L7L 5J7.