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On April 30, my inbox showed the following message:
Dear Mr. Srajan,
I would like to inform you that Ring Audio has a new speaker system with matching subwoofer module called the FGH 1.4. I have attached a brochure for your reference. As you can see, the difference to the predecessor is that the Fostex widebander now sits in a dedicated sphere. This becomes a supra baffle to result in even better sound. This speaker is supplemented by a subwoofer, which is an inseparable part of the whole.
The original rear horn diffuser remains part of the design. - Margareta Karadza, Regional Sales Manager, Croatia

Margareta had indeed sent me the details on the prior incarnation at left earlier. Then I wasn't that interested in a review opportunity. I knew that a 4-inch driver no matter its rear horn just wouldn't be sufficiently full-range for my biases. The revised model however now had my attention. Because it does certain design parameters differently than comparable efforts I'm familiar with, I felt you might like to look over my shoulder. The following are promotional materials directly from the company, mere teasers on what looks like a promising project in the single-driver rear-hornloaded speaker niche. Retail price is a considerable €9.500/pr for speakers + subwoofer.

After agreeing to a review and penning its preview, certain information came to light which first required open accreditation by Ring Audio to settle inspirational debts, then led to discontinuation of this model in favor of another to be called Jazz which would bear no cosmetic or other direct resemblance to competitors. The narrative of that can be found here. As soon as the FGH 1.4 appeared on our radar, it disappeared again...


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