A quiet revolution in driver design
Our own John Potis has the hots for Thiel's new Model CS 3.7. Boy does he ever. So itchy is the man for satisfaction that he's kept pestering our poor press contact Dawn Cloyd for specifics. "Okay, I've seen the pix in the various show reports but have you got anything more concrete by now?"

Poor John's got it bad, a major case of uncontrollable audio lust. Me, I've got it good, seeing how our besotted boy just dropped in my lap copies of Thiel's two most recent press releases that detail out what's going down with this forthcoming -- and very different -- loudspeaker. Thanks John & Dawn!

To honor Jim Thiel's personal presentation style, I've merely converted the original PDFs to gifs and sized them such that they fit our site format. Otherwise, this is it, the original poop on the long-awaited new model from one of America's most recognized specialty loudspeaker houses, Thiel Audio: