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Hello Srajan,
I was just about to fire off a peppery question on what happened to the GigaWatt review. Then I saw it back in the preview area. Kudos for holding your conclusion and experimenting more given the manufacturer's suggestions. I really enjoy the transparency with which you operate your site. I always feel that the spirit of exploration and curiosity overrides any concerns over propriety. Good man!
Jerry Haskins

Making mistakes is one way we learn. The trouble with hifi is, unless there's obvious distortion or a dead channel, mistakes aren't necessarily obvious. Adam Schubert's comments opened up an opportunity to check out something I'd not considered. And if he's right, I'll benefit too since I'll then change this part of my setup. Talk about a win/win. Finally, being online affords us the flexibility to revisit things where needed and stick fixes or additions into the original page. It'd be silly not to exploit that option.