The demands of writing, editing, translating and syndicating hardware reviews plus covering editorials, news posts and maintaining this site leave me no time for writing the type of full-length music reviews I used to write when 6moons was less busy. Even so those readers who share my love of what in general goes by world music though that's a pretty poor term—does everything else come from outer space?—keep asking for at least miniature capsule mentions so they can accompany me on my field trips of worthwhile new finds or rediscoveries in my library.

Here I must qualify 'new' with 'new to me'. Just because I discover something now doesn't imply it was recently released. It could be older stuff. But that's the magic of music. The good stuff is timeless. Heck, aficionados of classical music keep listening to compositions a few centuries old. Time and timing aren't of the essence. Selectivity is.

Professional music reviewers tend to educate their readers with things like genre history, styles, key artists and core recordings one ought to know in a given sector. This isn't that. All that this is are mini mentions of music I happen to have on rotation on any given month. Think of it as sneak views into somebody else's playlists - ours in this case (M&H = Marja & Henk).
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Serious Jazz fusion might be a thing of the past but with the re-release of Featuring Ourselves via Bandcamp, the group around guitarist Alex Machacek proves that quality can easily span a 15-year gap. With Tibor Koevesdi on bass, Flip Philipp on percussion and drummer Harri Ganglberger, the guitarist works through ten tracks each with a distinctive association. Holdsworth, Zappa, Bruford, Henderson – you name them, they all show up not in copycat fashion but in true tribute style. There are many cloners but very few musicians capable of capturing the essence of a favorite artist to work that inspiration into an original composition. Machacek is one of those few. Hopefully this re-release gets the attention it deserves and lacked in the past. M&H via Bandcamp
Veteran drummer Lenny White’s Anomaly is now available on Bandcamp and can best be described as high-class heavy jazz rock. White was one of the new electric Jazz co-founders when he participated in Miles Davis’ Bitches Brew and explored the genre further in Return To Forever. On the 2010 Anomaly release White is joined by a wealth of musicians he played with in various settings and different styles before. Some are young, some are well seasoned. Together they make Anomaly into a stand-out album and welcome continuation of a great musical tradition. All 12 tracks differ enough to make the entire recording a gripping feast - here and there heavy, soulful or even bombastic. M&H via Bandcamp
Maybe it will be an exception in these pages but we really like the now immensely popular Stromae and his album Racine Carrée. Yes it is a clever mix of Hip Hop, dance and ambient beats. Yes it is a combination of samples and beats from a box all mashed up in Pro Tools. But Stromae is a true child of Brussels who blends all manner of African popular musical elements into his tunes which makes for a thrilling outcome. Add to that the fact that his lyrics are not the usual macho-laden rhymed curses and misogynism for which Hip Hop and Rap are infamous for or that the words alone tell it like it is. Stromae instead asks questions to reach for answers which he and a lot of his generation are grappling with. M&H
Malika Zarra was born in Morocco, raised in France and today operates out of NYC. On Berber Taxi many musical influences from these diverse environments come together in harmony. Zarra sings in Arabic, Berber, French and English. Think Sade, Souad Massi or Natasha Atlas and you get the idea. The singer is blessed with a clear and fresh voice that easily switches between normal and head voice. Berber Taxi is a great blend of Western jazz, North African and even Native American folk music in melody, rhythm and instrumentation. M&H via Qobuz
Sietze Bouma released his first album Strings ’n Air in 2011 already but we only just discovered it. Bouma is one of Holland's most talented guitarists. He is also a sought-after guitar teacher who runs and co-owns a music school. On this album Sietze is accompanied by a string quartet, bass, bandoneon, piano and percussion. All ten tracks are pleasantly fleet-footed and played in the picking finger style. The recording is free from unnaturally close-up miking and also leaves plenty of dynamics in the mix. For those who like Harry Sacksioni, this Strings 'n Air release will be a welcome addition to their collection. M&H via Bandcamp.
Nisia are the Belgian duo of singer Emanuel Lodato and bassist Vincent Noiret. With Eredità they explore the Sicilian song tradition not merely by interpreting old songs but by composing new ones inspired by the Sicilian tradition. As she says, Lodato came to Brussels because love called on her. In this new environment the longing for her small village near Palermo never left. With the Nisia project she and Vincent realized a way to express that sentiment. The songs are sung in the Sicilian dialect and composed for two voices, percussion and bass. Old lullabies and poetry mix with other traditional elements like the tarantella. The scarce instrumentation leaves lots of room for the lead vocal to express emotions in small detail. Highly recommended. M&H via Bandcamp.